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Why Choose ZimSolar?

The Sun is free. Wind is free. We have plenty of both in Africa!

Why not take advantage of the FREE and CLEAN ENERGY from the African sun and wind to generate your own electricity and hot water
. Its the smart thing to do. In Southern Africa, no matter where your residential property or business premises are located or where your relatives live, be this in town, in the rural areas, on a farm, at a remote holiday game lodge, do not sweat because ZimSolar can help you. Click here.

Advantages of Going Solar

Be Smart Go Solar with ZimSolarBeat the ZESA and ESKOM electricity power cuts
Get rid of expensive, noisy, thirsty petrol generators
Save money
Save Energy
Save the planet

No need to run high maintenance petrol or diesel generators. Forget the headache of constantly sending fuel coupons to run thirsty generators that also need oil. Solar has no moving parts and therefore more reliable and much much less running costs.

Once your system is installed, the electricity is free. Click here to Request a FREE ZimSolar consultation and quote.

Ten Steps on How to Go Solar with ZimSolar

For all Solar Power Installation Projects, we provide a one-stop-shop, end-to-end and complete service as follows:
  1. We will ask you for a list of the electrical appliances that will plug into your solar power system and how much power they will each consume. We will provide you with FREE technical advice and assistance to get it right.
  2. We will use the above to calculate, FREE of Charge, the total amount of electricity consumed by your appliances, the correct size of solar system components, and how much solar electric power you need to generate.
  3. We will give you, without any obligation, a FREE quote for budgetary purposes. For medium or large solar power installations, a site inspection visit will be necessary before we can complete the final design and quotation
  4. For a small affordable fee, our competent technician(s) will visit your premises to inspect your appliances and building(s). We will give you a site inspection report appliance list, site layout plan, floor plan and roof mount plan.
  5. We will design a system to suit your specified immediate energy needs and budget, leaving room for future expansion and complying with the relevant safety and industry standards
  6. We will prepare and agree a contract covering the payment plan, delivery schedule plus design document and circuit diagrams for your solar system
  7. We will supply and deliver your solar equipment to your premises and clear with customs
  8. We will professionally install and test your solar system; and provide you with a detailed installation test report, including circuit documentation
  9. We will provide ongoing maintenance and support if you need it.
  10. We will do a good job to ensure that you and your family enjoy the rewards of your wise investment in solar energy and the peace of mind that comes with the unique professional service provided by ZimSolar

Ready to Go Solar? Your home or business could be next ....

We supply a range of alternative energy components

  • Solar PhotoVoltaic (PV) Panels
  • Solar PV Combiner Boxes
  • Solar Charge Controllers
  • Solar Power Inverters
  • Deep Cycle Solar Batteries
  • Solar PV Panel Mounting Frames
  • Solar Cabling and Wiring
  • Solar Water Heating Panels
  • Wind Turbines
  • Earthing Rods
  • Lightning Arrestors
  • DC Distribution Boxes
  • AC Distribution Boxes

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