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About Us:

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ZimSOLAR™, SikaiSOLAR™ and Sikai Energy™ are the brand names and trade marks for the solar power systems and other renewable energy systems, products and services provided by country-registered subsidiaries of Sikai Ltd ('Sikai Group'); a private limited holding company registered in the United Kingdom.

Sikai Group operates under five divisions, namely:

  • Renewable Energy Technologies (RET) - solar photovoltaic, solar thermal, wind, hydro and biomass;
  • Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) - computers, networks, databases, software, internet, virtual private networks, and information & network security;
  • Telecommunications - Wireless Internet Service Provider (WISP) - Wireless Broadband, WiMAX, VoIP
  • Consulting services - in Energy, ICT, Telecoms and Development Programme Management;
  • Water - plumbing, water purification, rain water harvesting, borehole drilling, and small scale irrigation.

The Sikai Group energy division consists of the following in-country subsidiary companies:

  • Sikai Energy Ltd - registered in England,
  • Sikai Energy (Pty) Ltd - registered in South Africa, and
  • ZimSolar Investments Ltd - ('ZimSolar') - registered in Zimbabwe.

Equity ownership of ZimSolar™ transferred from Hanwa Technology Ltd to Sikai Ltd on the 17th June 2009. However, Hanwa Technology will continue to be a key strategic business partner to Sikai Group, focusing on Information and Communications Technologies and working in close alliance with the following Sikai Group subsidiaries:

  • Sikai Consulting Ltd - registered in England,
  • Sikai Information Systems Ltd - registered in England,
  • Sikai Telecoms Ltd - registered in England,

Hanwa Technology Ltd have been providing Information Technology and Computer Network Security consulting services since 1997 to individuals, small businesses and large corporations in the United Kingdom.

Sikai Energy™ are specialists in the design, supply and installation of complete, reliable and eco-friendly alternative energy systems and components, namely :-

The Sikai Energy Ltd office based in the United Kingdom handles all solar energy system sales, initial customer contact (such with the Southern African diaspora), consultation, specification, design, contracts and ongoing customer liaison until the solar installation project is complete. This provides all SikaiSOLAR™ customers with a direct, accountable and responsive communication channel that sets SikaiSOLAR™ apart from other Zimbabwean businesses in the solar energy industry

The Sikai Energy (Pty) Ltd office based in Musina, Limpopo province, South Africa handle the delivery and solar system installation operations in Southern Africa from their headquarters in South Africa.

The Limpopo office is responsible for the delivery end of the SikaiSOLAR™ services to customers, including but not limited to delivery of purchased solar products and equipment to the customer premises, inspection of customer premises, installations of solar energy systems, on-going support and maintenance.

What we do - Sikai Energy™ is more than just a solar panel company

Sikai Energy™ are suppliers of reliable solar products and professional installers of complete solar energy systems. We are committed to offering all our customers a 'one-stop-shop' technical service. We assess your energy needs and specify, design, supply, install, test, document and maintain your solar energy system.

The secret of our success is that we go a lot further than just selling you a solar panel, a battery or an inverter. We take the hassle out of solar by doing everything necessary to ensure that you get it right first time, every time.

We provide FREE advice which includes a technical assessment and calculation of your total energy needs. The objective here is match the size of your solar equipment to your energy consumption and available budget.

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Who and where are Sikai Energy™ Customers?

Map of the Southern African Development CommunityWe supply, install and maintain solar energy systems for the Diaspora of individuals originally from Southern Africa who are currently living or working abroad (e.g. UK, South Africa, USA, Canada and Australia) who wish to install reliable power in their properties back home or for their loved ones, businesses or community projects.

We have an in-house team and an extensive partner network to carry out Solar installation work in any of the Southern African Development Community (SADC) countries ~ Zimbabwe, South Africa, Swaziland, Lesotho, Botswana, Zambia, Namibia, Malawi, Mozambique, Tanzania, Angola and DR Congo.

We also undertake projects in other African countries, including by not limited to the East Africa COMESA region ( e.g. Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda, Ethiopia, Somalia, Sudan) and West Africa ( e.g. Cameroon, Ghana, Nigeria).

We cater for the local market in the SADC/COMESA regions, including

  • residential properties,
  • businesses or business premises,
  • health clinics, hospitals,
  • villages,
  • safari or game lodges,
  • primary schools, colleges, boarding schools, university campuses,
  • farms,
  • pharmacies,
  • municipalities, government departments
  • telecommunications sub-stations,
  • projects for NGO's, and other international development institutions and aid agencies.

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Why Go Solar with Sikai Energy™?

Sikai Energy™ have unique experience and a successful track record of delivering projects 'back home' in Zimbabwe for the diaspora of Zimbabweans currently living and working abroad. Sikai Energy™ have the technical expertise and complementary partner network to provide off-grid, mini-grid, and grid-connected solar power for both rural and urban use.

Go Solar with SikaiSOLAR™.

See the Ten Easy Steps to get an affordable solar energy system installed on to your property or premises in Zimbabwe.

SikaiSOLAR™ also sell or supply (without installation) a wide range of quality, eco-friendly and energy-efficient solar powered products to individuals, farms and businesses. SikaiSOLAR™ offers products that have been proven to operate effectively and reliably in the rugged Zimbabwe and Southern Africa environments and that meet the highest industry standards.

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Below, are some of the primary reasons why our customers choose to Go Solar with SikaiSOLAR™:

  • they own properties or are building properties back home and wish to install reliable and cost saving energy such as electricity and hot water
  • they have family members or relatives back home who they wish to support who either  live in the said properties or elsewhere
  • constant electricity power cuts and blackouts are now a serious problem in the SADC region, especially in Zimbabwe
  • the quality of most products on the market ( if they can find them) is very poor. They need reliable equipment that will last long enough to get a good return on their hard earned money
  • solar installations are technically complex. Its not just about buying a solar panel and a battery. Most customers need a professional who can deliver the right size of system to meet their energy needs. Unfortunately, many have been sold solar systems that do not do what is expected or claimed!
  • they need a professional installer who they can deal with both abroad and at home to get it right first time and to make it simple and straightforward

Our Products and Services

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Go Solar with ZimSOLAR in Zimbabwe. Reliable and dependable power that changes lives.