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Solar Energy System Quotation Request Form

Please complete the Quotation Request form below. This will take only a few minutes of your time. In return, we will do our best to get back to you promptly.

ZimSolar will use the information to determine your solar energy needs and to work out the size and cost of your system. It is not possible to provide you with a quote without this information. There is no charge for this service.

If you are not able to complete the quotation request form below for any reason then you can do one of the following:

Sikai Energy Quotation Request Form

Mobile Phone:
Post Code:

How did you find ZimSolar?

Potential Budget (£):
Project Timeframe: (when should the system be installed?)
Project Country:
Project Location:
Nearest Town (or Region):

Type of Property or Premises:

Remote Rural Homestead or Farmhouse
Urban Residential Property
Rural Business Premises {e.g. Bottle Store, Butchery, Grocery Store}
NGO Project or Aid Project
Hotel or Safari Game Lodge
Urban Business Premises {e.g. Office, Bottle Store, Butchery, Shop, Supermarket}
Urban Factory Premises {e.g. Workshop, Factory, Warehouse}
Clinics, Schools, Colleges and Universities
Government Project
Telecommunications Application

Purpose of Solar Energy System:

Lighting {Indoor or Outdoor Lights, Rechargeable Lanterns, mobile phone charging}
Audio-Visual Entertainment {TV, HiFi, DVD, CD, Satellite Decoder, Radio etc}
Computing Appliances {Laptop, Computer, Monitor, Printer, Scanner}
Security Systems {CCTV Cameras, Alarm System, Motion Sensor PIR Lights}
Refrigeration {Fridge, Freezer, Fridge/Freezer}
Grid-Failure Backup Inverter/Charger {Inverter/Charger, Batteries}
Borehole Water Pump {Solar or Wind Powered}

Electrical Wiring :
Is the property already wired and connected to the mains electricity grid (e.g. ZESA, Eskom)?

Wired and Grid-Connected
Wired but Off-Grid {i.e. electricity not yet connected}
Not Wired - please Install Wiring
Not Wired - to be installed by others

Which ZimSolar System are you interested in?:

Tick the the system that meets your needs best? You can click on each system below to view more sytem details.

ZimSolar Explorer ZE series - Off-Grid 12V DC- generates battery type DC voltage
ZimSolar Essentials ZES series ~ Grid-Interactive - generates mains type AC voltage
ZimSolar Autonomy ZA series ~ Off-Grid AC- generates mains type AC voltage
ZimSolar Navigator ZN series ~ Grid-Backup - generatess mains type AC voltage
ZimSolar SolarPump ZSP series
- solar powered for borehole pump and panels

Wind Turbine Electricity Generators:

Tick below if you require a wind turbine generator.
ZimSolar WindGen ZWG series

If you ticked above, specify the size of wind turbine generator required

400 Watts
600 Watts
800 Watts
1000 Watts
3000 Watts

Solar (Thermal) Hot Water Heating Systems:

Tick below if you require a solar water heating system. You must have piped running water supply with enough pressure for domestic use.
ZimSolar SolarHot Water ZSHW series - water heating

If you ticked above, how many adults will use the solar hot water system?
Count children as half an adult.

1 to 2 People
3 People
4 People
5 People
More than 5 People

Solar Lighting Requirements:
Tick the rooms that require solar lighting. Click to Un-tick those that are not applicable to you.

1st Main Bedroom
2nd Bedroom
3rd Bedroom
4th Bedroom
5th Bedroom
6th Bedroom

En Suite Bathroom
Bathroom (with toilet)
Bathroom (no toilet)
Toilet Room (no bath or shower)

Lounge/Dining (in one room)
Lounge (separate room)
Dining (separate room)

Description of item or system required:

Additional Appliances
Please add any other appliances below or delete if not required):