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ZimSolar Solar Installation services

Welcome to the SikaiSOLAR™ ~ ZimSOLAR™ ~ Sikai Energy™ web site

Sikai Energy™ are well positioned to become the market leader amongst the Solar Energy Businesses, companies, suppliers, installers, distributors and wholesalers in the emerging Southern Africa Development Community (SADC) free trade zone that includes Zimbabwe, South Africa, Botswana, Zambia, Malawi, Mozambique, Lesotho, Swaziland, Namibia, Angola, Tanzania and the Democratic Republic of Congo ( DRC )

Sikai Energy™ are specialist suppliers and professional installers of reliable and complete solar power systems. Our customer-centred portfolio of eco-friendly alternative energy systems, services and products includes the specification, design, supply, installation and on-going maintenance of:

A solar (or wind) energy system is a good choice if you have plenty of sun (or wind) and have a properly designed system.  Building an effective, reliable and safe off-grid wind/solar power system requires a number of key components.

The most important of these are careful design, good quality component equipment and the correct installation procedures carried out by competent professionals. If these are done, then your off-grid or remote power system will last a very, very long time.

Sikai Energy™
are proud to offer their customers a professional design and installation service in addition to supplying individual solar power equipment.

Sikai Energy™ provide a customised design service and are able to specify a system that meets your exact needs .  We offer complete, efficient, cost effective, ecologically responsible, sustainable and environment-friendly systems.

Sikai Energy™ will professionally design and install the complete solar energy system for you. They will test your solar system and give you the detailed test results, photos and electric circuit wiring documentation which are critical and essential to post-installation maintenance or upgrade.

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Why should I use a reputable company to install my Solar Energy System?

ZimSolar's popularity with customers comes from ZimSolar's capability to deliver any solar product or solar power system to the customer's door or direct to their roof anywhere in Zimbabwe or Southern Africa and at very competitive prices.

At present, the reality is that many if not all solar electric components have to be imported into Zimbabwe or Southern Africa from abroad. We handle all safe packaging, insurance, air freight, sea freight or shipping, customs duty payment, customs clearance and road transport. There are no hidden costs or charges. The customer will be quoted only one price figure, which covers all purchase and delivery costs to their property or home in Zimbabwe (for example).

ZimSolar do a lot more than just sell you a zim solar panel or a battery. We take the hassle out of going solar by doing everything necessary to ensure that you, our valued customer gets the right system, first time and every time.

ZimSolar are committed to offering all our customers a 'one-stop-shop' and end-to-end technical service. We assess your energy needs and specify, design, supply, install, test, document and maintain your solar energy system.

ZimSolar Provide FREE Advice and Initial Solar Energy System Consultation which includes a technical assessment and calculation of your total energy needs. This enables ZimSolar to match the size of your solar equipment to our customer's energy consumption and available budget.

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SikaiSOLAR Products - Visit the OnLine Store for more details

Sikai Energy™ offers wind and solar energy products that have been proven to operate effectively and reliably in the rugged Southern African environments and that meet the highest industry standards.

In our books, there is no such thing as one superior set of products and standards for Europe and a different, inferior set for Zimbabwe or Africa. Our products come with the full manufacturer's warranty. For example, in the case of solar panels this is typically 25 years.

SikaiSOLAR™ supply the following products on their OnLine Shop or Commerce Store:

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The 10 Steps on How to Go Solar with ZimSolar

Our customers get a lot more than just a zim solar panel when they sign up with Sikai Energy™!

We provide a complete, one-stop and end-to-end service as follows:
  1. Consult: We will ask you to tell us what electrical appliances you wish to run from your solar power system.

  2. Inspect: If you do not know or you do not have all the important information that we require, we can arrange a visit to your property for a site inspection

  3. Advise: We will give you FREE technical advice to enable you to buy the correct size of solar system components required

  4. Specify: We will use this information to assess how much electricity you consume and to calculate how much solar electric power you need to generate.

  5. Design: We will design a system specific to your immediate needs; one that leaves room for future expansion and one that complies with any relevant safety and industry standards

  6. Contract: We will agree a contract that specifies the size of components for your solar system to suit your power requirements and budget

  7. Deliver: We will supply and ship your solar equipment and clear with customs

  8. Install: We will professionally install and test your solar system and provide you with a detailed installation test report, including circuit documentation

  9. Maintain: We will provide ongoing maintenance and support if you need it.

  10. Enjoy: You and your family enjoy the rewards of your wise decision to investment in solar energy and to piece of mind that comes with projects handled by Sikai Energy™

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ZimSolar also supply and install the following solar powered systems primarily for urban properties and businesses:

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